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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Card of the Day for Nov. 8 ~ The Sun

From “The Gaian Tarot,” by Joanna Powell Colbert
Self-pubished, also mass published by Llewellyn, 2011.

I take one look at this card and I think, “HAPPY!”  A woman dances in a garden filled with sunflowers and other flowers of the yellow persuasion as a huge yellow sun shines behind her.  Her red dress symbolizes that she's full of active energy. 

The Sun is a card of the major arcana; and, as such, it embodies the universal spiritual energies of Happiness, Health, Success, and Attainment.  It’s one of the most positive cards of the entire tarot deck, no matter which deck you use.  I love The Sun because every time it comes up it’s telling me that no matter what may be going on, things are going to be brighter.  You just have to believe.

The Sun ushers in a great deal of energy today.  Today’s a great day to go out and get things done that you’ve been putting off.  If there are thing around the house that have been crying out for your attention, today is a great day to set some time aside to handle those matters. 

As we head ever closer to 11/11/11 I feel the cards will reflect this and we’re going to be seeing cards that have to do with new energies coming in, like The Sun, which heralds a time of success and happiness for us all.  Please be sure to open yourself up to the energies that will be coming to the earth on that day.  If you’re not sure how to do this, send me your email address & I’ll send you a copy of my latest newsletter.

I'm including the lyrics to one of my all-time favorite songs as it sum's up the energy of this card well & it's also set to my iPhone to wake me every morning as it immediately puts me in a postive frame of mind.  You can find the video at the end of today's blog entry ~

"(Reach Up For The) Sunrise" ~ Duran Duran

 "Now the time has come
 The music's between us
 Though the night seems young
 Is at an end
 Only change will bring
 You out of the darkness
 In this moment everything is born again"

"Reach up for the sunrise
 Put your hands into the big sky
 You can touch the sunrise
 Feel the new day enter your life"

"Reach up for the sunrise
 Put your hands into the big sky
 You can touch the sunrise
 Feel the new day enter your life"

"Now the fireball burns
 We go round together
 As the planet turns into the light
 Something more than dreams to
 Watch out for each other
 Coz we know what it means to be alive"

"Reach up for the sunrise
 Put your hands into the big sky
 You can touch the sunrise
 Feel the new day enter your life"
Let’s all go out and make it a GREAT day today!


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