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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

SALE! Annual Tarot Reading

My Annual Tarot Forecast is a card reading that covers each month of the coming year.  It's the New Year now so why not celebrate by treating yourself to a reading.  You will get a complete summary of the card for each month I pull just for you.  Topics covered include:  desires, romance, friends, work/career, finances, family, news, blessings, and guidance - just to name a few.  Each card also comes with my own psychic interpretation of how that card's energies will affect you during  that particular month.  I also include a positive affirmation to use each month in order to help you to manifest the most positive aspects of the card you received.

My Annual Tarot Forecast covers 12 months and can be done at any time of the year.  Your reading can start now, in January, or it can start the month you order and the reading will still cover an entire year.

Regularly prices at $150 for this 22 page (in most cases, more!) reading, for a limited time if you order during the month of January you can order it here for only $115!  This will be the lowest price at which I will ever offer this reading. 

Your order will take approximately 2 weeks to fill and your "year" will begin on the day you receive the reading and will end on that same day in 2011.  

Click  here to be taken to a secure payment page at PayPal from which you can place your order.  Then email me with the following information so I can expedate your order:

* Full Name at Birth
* Date of Birth
* Current City/State/Country of Residence

I will then email you with your order confirmation and the date on which you can expect to receive your reading via email.

I hope you take advantage of the sale.  This will be the only time in 2010 that my Annual Tarot Forecast will be placed on sale.  This sale is only open to List Members of Magickal-Musings.com and those of you with access to this blog.

I wish you all countless wonderful blessings for 2010!

~ Nefer
Image:  Copyright James Wanless, Ph.D., the High Priestess from the Voyager Tarot.

Happy 2010 to Everyone!

YAY!!!  The New Year is finally here, and none too soon, if you ask me!  2009 was an awful year for my family and I.  Lots of health issues.  My father was lost to dementia and passed away on September 20th.  Relatives were in a bad car wreck (but all are fine now, thank goodness!), and it was a struggle at times to just keep going.  

2009 was an 11 year in Numerology (2+0+0+9 = 11).  11 is a Master Number and is a number of trials and testing.  As it was the number for the year this is something that affected us all from the individual to the national and, finally, to a worldwide level.  I don't like the number 11 and those born under it have my deepest condolences.  This is not an easy load to bear for anyone.  Now that 2009 is over we are sailing into smoother times in 2010.  That's why I've included this picture of our Maui hotel's beach front.  Life won't exactly be a beach for us all in 2010, but it won't be the hassle it was in 2009, that's for sure.

2010's year number is 3.  The number 3 is the number of creativity.  Combining 1 (new beginnings, new opportunities) with 2 (cooperation, duality), ideas that have been germinating in us all can now finally see the light of day.  Any projects you've wanted to start, any new avenues to explore, the year 2010 is the time to do just that.  Flex your creative muscles, either through the arts or perhaps envision for yourself better health, increased prosperity, a happier relationship through the art of creative visualization.  Creative visualization is all the rage right now with the "Abraham books" by Esther and Jerry Hicks. This is a series of books that have taken off by storm.  However, in my opinion a book written years ago is much better and instead of spreading it all out in a series of books in order to make as much money as possible, the author put it all into one book that is easily available online and at used bookstores.  

This wonderful book is Creative Visualization, by Shakti Gawain.  I read this years ago when it first came out.  I think it was in the early 80s.  This book changed my life in terms of the way I think and the way I view the universe.  I have used Gawain's simple method of imagining your wishes coming true  to manifest my life-long wish of a wonderful trip to England that I took in 1989 (I even saw a ghost in one of my hotel rooms!), plus other dreams, such as great seats to see Paul McCartney in concert.  I did that not just once, but four times!  I've also used her method to improve my health by helping to banish most of what was once debilitating knee pain and swelling.  Her method also helped me to create my business, Magickal-Musings.com.  

I cannot recommend her book highly enough so if you haven't read it, please do yourself a favor and gift this book to yourself.  You will never regret it.  Use the easy methods in this book to manifest your dreams in 2010 and make 2010 the most creative year ever!  



~ Nefer

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cleopatra's Palace Being Excavated

Thank you, Kim, for sending me the link to this article on the exacation of Cleopatra's palace off the coast of Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt. 

The palace is identified as Cleopatra's based upon the description of its location by ancient historians and also in 1998, or maybe it was 1999, a bust of Cleopatra was found. Later, inscriptions of her name were also discovered. 

If you'd like to read the article, you can check it out here

Thanks again, Kim!  I always appreciate being kept informed of new archaeological discoveries in Egypt.

Many Blessings!

~ Nefer

REIKI for Prosperity

For anyone who is attuned to Reiki or has any interest in Reiki energy work here's an important tidbit of advice.
I have been practicing Reiki since 1996.  I've always enjoyed experimenting with new approaches and have found something that really works for me.

Reiki for prosperity!

Now, I'm not saying this will help you to hit the lotto (although you could try!), however, I have found over the years that when things get financially tight for me Reiki can help in sending me some extra money (usually in the form of extra orders from my site).  The process is so simple that those of you who practice Reiki will wonder why you didn't do this for yourself a long time ago.

Many Reiki practitioners have been taught to channel Reiki only for humans and animals.  However, plants also benefit.  If you have fish, you can place your hands on the aquarium and the water will conduct Reiki energy extremely well to each fish in the tank.  Plants benefit if you place your hands above the plant or on the pot if it's potted.  I give my rose garden Reiki by simply placing the palms of my hands on the dirt and channeling energy into the earth.  I do at the beginning of spring and at the beginning of fall, on the spring and fall equinox.

Something my master teacher stressed was that Reiki cannot be given to inanimate objects.  She believed that in order for Reiki energy to accomplish anything that the recipient had to have some type of a soul or living energy of its own.  Therefore, she included only humans, animals, and plants/earth.

However, over the years I have determined Reiki can be given to anything that is capable of holding a charge of energy for even a short period of time.  Everything is composed of energy to begin with, therefore, inanimate objects are capable of holding an energetic charge, such as a burst of Reiki energy.  As a magical practitioner I first discovered this during experiments on my own candles for spells and enchantments for myself.  My candle work began to get better and faster results if I channeled Reiki into my candles, herbs, and oils before beginning any spell.  So now this is a practice I always follow for myself and also for my clients.

One day while performing some prosperity work for a client I decided to surround the candle with dollar bills.  They came from my own purse.  So, in giving Reiki to her candles and all the materials, including my dollar bills, in a few days I was bombarded with over $800 in orders!  I then made the connection to the Reiki channeled to my dollar bills, which, after I had performed her enchantment, I had returned to my own purse.  Therefore, the money retained the Reiki energy and manifested increased prosperity for myself.

I experimented further on myself and nearly every time I channeled Reiki into my cash my prosperity would increase.  Now, it didn't happen by leaps and bounds or massive amounts, but it was always enough to allow me to purchase whatever I or my family were needing at the time.  I developed a simple method that anyone who has been attuned to Reiki can carry out for themselves and it is outlined below.

Go get your purse or get your wallet out.  Open the area where you keep your cash.  DO NOT USE A CREDIT CARD (that will only help manifest more use of the card, which will result in more debt!).

Step 1:  Clear and center yourself.  This is just a very simple form of meditation prior to channeling Reiki energy.  Breathe deeply 3 times being sure to use your entire diaphram.  Fill your lungs. Empty your lungs.  Do this a minimum of 3 times while focusing only on your breath.  Your focus will also help to clear your mind.  If you're having a stressful day you may have to take as many as 20 deep breaths.  Just keep breathing deeply until you feel ready to proceed with the next step.  

Step 2:  send love to your cash.  I know how goofy this sounds.  You know that old saying, "money is the root of all evil?"  Well, a lot of us have been brought up to subconsciously believe that.  Your subconscious believes it's evil so it will work to keep money away from you as a form of self-protection.  Many of us need to overcome this belief and we start doing that in baby steps by sending our money love and telling ourselves money can do a lot of good for us and for others.

Step 3:  Begin to channel Reiki:  use whatever method your own reiki master teacher has taught you.  For those of you not attuned to Reiki you can contact me for an attunement.  The link to my Reiki Page is http://www.magickal-musings.com/reiki.html   

Step 4:  For Reiki 2nd Degree on Up:  Send your cash AND your purse/wallet 9 Cho Ku Rei symbols in 3 sets of 3.  Pause in between each one long enough to take 3 deep cleansing breaths as you did while centering yourself.  When sending focus on more prosperity coming to you.

Step 5:  Conclude with a prayer:  After sending Cho Ku Rei into your cash, purse, and/or wallet (remember to send it to the cash AND your purse or wallet) ask the Universe to fill your purse or wallet to overflowing.  Imagine  yourself surrounded by money and KNOW that all this prosperity resulted from harm to no one and will cause harm to no one.  So mote it be.

Step 6:  Express Gratitude (extremely important!):  Especially if you called on God/dess or any Aspect of Deity, please be sure to convey your thanks for all the prosperity you know will come to you soon.  

Advanced:  For those of you who are good at visualization you can follow this same method with your checkbook.  Just imagine your bank balance going higher and higher.  You can even surround your check book with cash to aid in your visualization as you send your check book (and therefore your bank account) Reiki energy for increased prosperity.  While expressing your gratitude when you conclude this exercise you can imagine that you already have the prosperity or even specific amount of money needed and you can word your thanks accordingly, as if you already have the money in your possession. 

Try this out at home and let me know what you think and share your results here.  For those of you who do your own candle work you can also apply the same method to your candles and all the materials you use when performing spells.

If you're interested, please remember to visit my Reiki Page.

Many Blessings!

~ Nefer

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Blog is Moving!

The only problem I have with Blogger is that I can't get a blog with the same URL as my web site, Magickal-Musings.com.  I figured I'd use my name, but I can understand how that can confuse a lot of people - not to mention making it difficult to find my blog in search engines.

Therefore, I have moved here to a new blog url.  I have inserted all the blogs from my old one (nefer-khepri-hemet.blogspot.com) to my new blog right here so you're not missing anything. 

I was having trouble getting the name of my web site in the URL of my blog until I added the "com" to the url of my blog.  By using "magickal-musings-com" I was able to incorporate the name of my site into the url of my blog. 

Note that is a DASH between "musings" and "com", not a dot.  This is the only way I was able to use the actual name of my business and web site in the url of my blog since it is being used already by someone else.

I will be sending out another newsletter to inform everyone of these changes, plus I have a link to my new blog at my old blog so by clicking on it visitors will be re-directed here.  I will also post links to my blog on various pages at my web site.

I promise to stick with this blog at this url.  I did manage to get MagickalMusings at WordPress.  However, after stumbling around WordPress for nearly an hour I find it much more difficult to use than Blogger, even though with WordPress you can do much more decorative things with your blog.  I figure it's the content that's important, not the looks, right?  Brains before beauty, as they always say.  LOL  So, I'm sticking with Blogger, but I put a post up at WordPress redirecting any visitors to this blog here.

I have also altered the title.  Now, to avoid confusion, the URL is what you enter into your browser window to get to my blog.  That's http://magickal-musings-com.blogspot.com.  Once you arrive at my blog there is a title at the top of my blog's page.  The title has nothing to do with the  URL.  It's simply the label I have placed on my blog, which is:

Nefer Khepri's Magickal Musings

This way, I am identifying myself by name and also by web site.  Hopefully this will make it easier on everyone.  Please continue to visit me here at my new blog.  

Stay tuned!  I hope to get some ghostly images up sometime in the next couple of days.  I just figured out how to reduce the pixels so they won't slow down your computer.  You can view them here and please, as always, feel free to comment as long as things are kept positive.  Thank you.

Many Blessings!

~ Nefer

Monday, December 14, 2009

Upcoming image: the ghost in the mirror

I know I promised to get that photo up of the ghost I caught in a mirror at Houmas House Plantation in Darrow, LA, but I haven't been able to accomplish that just yet.  My husband is super sick from a sinus infection and I am busy trying to fight one off.  

I'm new to blogging and I have to figure out how to re-save my photos taken directly from my digital camera into less pixels (400 X 350, max) for the blog.  If I post it straight from my camera it will cause my blog to load slowly for people with slower ISP's and connection to the Internet.  

My goal is to post the picture here ASAP so we can have a forum in which to discuss it.  There are new developments. I have been in email contact with Kevin Kelly, the current owner.  He has now verified for me that the "stain", that appears like a cloud, on the upper portion of the mirror is NO stain.  According to him the mirror is unblemished.  

So, looks like I not only caught one ghost, but TWO in the SAME picture!!!  


Friday, December 11, 2009

Thank You for All the Encouragement

This is so nice!  I want to thank everyone who have taken the time to either post comments or send me emails wishing me luck with my blog and for all the encouragement and support I have received.  I'd been wanting to do this forever, but I was clueless, but found a wonderful book that is sooooo helpful.  It is by Tara Frey and the title is, Blogging for Bliss.  If you have any interest in starting your own blog or you would like tips on how to improve your existing blog, this book has a lot of answers.  It's clearly written and easy to understand, even for someone as computer inept as I am, and that's really saying something! 

I've received a lot of feedback on the ghostly image I caught in that mirror at Houmas House Plantation, too.  For those of you who haven't seen it, I sent this out yesterday to my mailing list from my website, magickal-musings.com.  Some say the ghost looks like a male servant or just a man in general and some say it looks like a soldier.  For those of you who are seeing this ghost as a soldier, what factors of his appearance are you focusing on that are causing you to identify him as such?  To me, all I see is a head of short-cropped hair, a starched white collar, and what appears to be a black suit.  I figured it was the ghost of just some man who had at one time stood in front of that mantle.  

For those of you who have viewed this blog and your'e wondering just what the heck we're talking about and are dying to see this ghostly image, I'll be posting hopefully sometime this weekend.  The picture is directly from my digital camera, but I have just discovered if I post it as-is directly from the camera it will use up a lot of pixels or maybe memory, I don't know, and it will cause my blog to load slowly for people with slower internet connections.  I have to re-size the photo using Microsoft Paint to within 400 by 350 pixels.  So, I have to figure out where on my computer Paint is (or even if it came with my computer, may not have), and then I have to figure out how to use that program to resize a photo.  Once I have worked out this slight technical glitch I'll get that picture of the ghost in the mirror up immediately.  

Also, Tasha noted in my Cbox sidebar here that she can see a face in the trees behind the angel photo that is currently serving as the banner for my blog. I haven't been able to find it.  Can anyone else see this face?

Special thanks to the following who have commented:  Tasha, Gretta, Lisa, GoddessFindings (I think this is you, J, right?), and in email:  Anna, Paul, Ryna, Elizabeth B., Nancy T., Annette, and Tina K.  

Finally, a great big THANK YOU goes out to Henri in Finland who first suggested I put a blog together.  At the time I had no idea what he was talking about.  LOL!

I really LOVED New Orleans and I'll also be posting pictures from that trip, as well as our summer trip to MAUI (yes!) in upcoming posts.  Nothing paranormal about the Maui pics, but they sure are beautiful.

Light & Blessings,

~ Nefer

Thursday, December 10, 2009


No wonder some of you have told me you're having trouble finding the orb in the picture.  I told you the wrong floor!  So sorry about that.  The orb appears below the two center windows of the THIRD floor, not the 2nd floor.  So look up and you'll see the orb approximately to the left of the center of the picture in my previous post.

I've been looking at my pictures from New Orleans and was thrilled to find reflected in a mirror in an old plantation home we toured the partial reflection of a man.  You're probably thinking, "well, big deal!"  If you were there you'd know it was a big deal because no one in our tour group of 4, including our guide (the 5th person) were dressed in that manner.  I truly believe I caught the image of a full body aparition, but unfortunately he's not cooperating and I didn't get his full reflection in the mirror, only a partial.  

It's late so this is going to serve as a teaser - sorry about that.  I have to get to sleep, plus I feel I'm coming down with a bad sinus infection.  My husband's been sick with one for days now and it must be viral if I'm also getting sick.  Anyway, I will post the full shot and then a zoom-in close up of this ghostly image sometime in the next few days so come back to see it, plus more pictures of the LaLaurie Mansion that shows an orb floating from window to window.  

Blessings to All!  

~ Nefer 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Whew! My Blog is Up!

Well, they said Blogger would be easy, but then again I was told giving birth to a child would be easy, too.  I need to be more discerning about who I listen to!  LOL  Anyway, it's up, here it is, take a gander and let me know what you would like to see posted here.  

A word about my name ~  I am a spiritual practitioner (candle work, reiki, tarot, channeling, and soul portraits) and I call upon Egyptian deities when I perform candle work.  I must admit right up front that my name is a professional psuedonym I was forced to choose due to my husband moving up in the banking world.  His bank is owned by born again Southern Baptists and if they found out about my business my husband would surely lose his job.  

I thought about it long and hard, finally deciding upon an Egyptian name to reflect my faith in the Egyptian gods and goddesses.  My name breaks down quite simply, as:

Nefer = Beautiful
Khepri = Morning Sun, or Sunrise

Egyptians add titles at the end of names.  "Hemet" is a title and it translates as "Priestess."  I have been a practitioner of Wicca since 1981 and a priestess since 1994.

Now for the picture on my site.  You probably think, "hmm, this lady works with Egyptian gods yet she has an angel on her page.  What's up with that?"  

Good question!  

The reason is simple:  I took this picture on November 21, 2009 in Lafayette Cemetary, No. 1 in New Orleans, Louisana.  My husband took me there on a surprise vacation.  I went to the cemetary with  the hope of catching something paranormal in a photo.  I took several pictures of this statue of the angel, which is on top of a mausoleum, or ground-surface tomb.  I took two shots of him with the tree in the background.  I didn't move and the atmosphere never changed.  This is the first shot.  The second shot is the same except that this large cloudy mass is missing from the second shot.  You can see it extending all the way from the middle of the left-hand side of the picture and completely across the angel and slightly beyond him to the right. Needless to say, when I arrived home and uploaded my pictures I was thrilled to pieces with this photo!  My first thought was, "this will be the picture I upload to my new blog!"  So, here it is.  I'd appreciate hearing what you think about it.  The next day while on a ghost tour I caught some orbs in pictures and will be posting those soon.  Since they're small orbs I'm not sure they will translate well to the internet, but we'll see.  

Let me try ...  here's one:

This is the infamous LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans.  Google it and read all about Dauphine LaLaurie and I can about guarantee you'll have nightmares.  This was one evil woman!  Anyway, if you look closely at the second floor just below the 2 center windows of the third floor you'll see a bluish sphere.  That, my friends, is an orb.  I caught it myself and no, it was not visible with the naked eye.  

If you look for light sources you'll see that obviously the exterior is lit along the overhang from the second story balcony.  However, the light travels only downward, not up.  The entire mansion (currently owned by actor Nicholas Cage, but he's looking to sell due to all the bad spirits there - he says he'll eat there, but he won't sleep there!) on the interior was dark.  The only other source of nearby light was a mock gas lamp on the corner.  It was nowhere near as bright as to be able to cast a reflection up to the second floor of this building.  Also, the exterior is gray unpolished stone.  This is not a reflective surface.  If you will look at the balcony and the light between the two second floor windows on the right and the two windows in the center you'll see what appears to be a white cloud.  That's not a cloud.  It's a reflection from the light shining from the ceiling of the second story balcony overhang.  So you can see the difference in a single shot between a reflection of light and then whatever it is I caught.  Note that it's blue.  Watching paranormal television as much as I do I've seen tons of "orbs" on TV, however, they always appear to be white or grayish and these can easily be discounted as dust particles, bugs, or reflections.  The orb that I caught was blue and it also moved from the far left-hand side of the building almost all the way to the right side.  Reflections don't move.  This is what I told my husband who is convinced it's a reflection, but then he thought it was kind of weird how it kept showing up and seemed to be moving.  I wasn't moving. I took all my shots from the same stance.  

Let me know what you think!  I'm dying to know. 

My digital camera will give you a 1-second freeze frame of every photo I take so I can have a quick look.  When I saw that I had caught an orb (a smaller one in an earlier picture) I began snapping like a mad woman!  I caught several orbs along the exterior of this building.  This is just one of the better shots that I think would show up best here.  

New Orleans is an awesome city and I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance to go, please do!  For those of you interested in the paranormal, there's a lot to see and do there.  I'll be writing more about the great time I had in upcoming posts.

I look forward to hearing from each of you and I hope that you enjoy my blog.  

Many Blessings!

Nefer Khepri Hemet, Ph. D.