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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

COTD: Sage of Cups

COTD:  Sage of Cups:  Regenerator
From The Voyager Tarot by James Wanless, Ph. D.

The Sage of Cups corresponds to the Knight of Cups.  There is a lot of water imagery on this card.  Cups are ruled by the element of Water and Water governs our emotions, healing, creativity, nurturing, and love.  The title of “Regenerator” indicates that this card represents someone with healing abilities.

For today’s draw I am focused on the man on the right-hand side of the card who is pouring water from a vase.  The manner in which the collage was done (and folks, this deck was created way back in the day before Photoshop so all these cards were collaged by hand with scissors & glue!) this man appears to be much larger than the mountains and river below him.  Is he a god?  I don’t know, but I have always felt he represents some form of a higher power.  The water he pours appears to land higher up in the mountain range and may actually be the source of the river.  The water represents healing energy and the man is sending this to the earth’s waters so that the healing energy can permeate the entire earth and affect every single living thing, for every life-form on our planet needs water in order to survive.

 So, once again we’re seeing the theme of new, higher energy coming in and resulting in renewed balance and healing.  Open yourselves up to the healing energy that is coming in today simply by saying aloud or to yourself over a glass of water, “I freely open myself to receive the healing energy that is coming to the earth today.”  Say this three times.  Drink the water.  Give thanks.  It is done.  Simple as that. 

Go out and make it a great day!


 Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Card of the Day: Fool-Child from The Voyager Tarot

COTD: Fool-Child
From The Voyager Tarot by James Wanless, Ph. D.

Well, it’s the start of a whole new beginning for our planet, energetically speaking. After the energy began to flow on 11/11/11 it shall continue to come to the earth via the Galactic Gateway until 12/21/12, at which point the energy transference shall be complete, according to information given to me by Archangel Michael. So, ...it stands to reason that for today, the first week-day of the new beginning that we’d receive a card about just that – setting out on a brand new journey.

I really love The Voyager Tarot. This is one of my go-to decks and the one I always use for my Past Life Karmic Tarot Readings at my site. I love it because of all the collage elements. Something always sparks my intuition in each card and often the symbols I zoom in on have additional personal meaning for my clients, as well.

Fool-Child is all about embarking upon a new path, taking chances, not being afraid to go where no man has gone before. Explore, try new things, don’t be afraid of what others may think of you, and discover what your true path is and where it is leading you. The energies are now in place for many who do not know their purpose to discover it. As a result, large changes may occur in your lives if you come to the realization that your current path is not the correct one. Remember to be patient with yourselves. Open up to the energies that shall continue to flow to the earth over the next year and realize that the changes will occur in their own good time, at the RIGHT time.

The image that stands out to me today from this card is that of the arms in blue sleeves reaching upward at the base of the picture. For some reason this is making me think of the Beatles and when they first came to America and were shocked to be met by so many screaming fans at their plane. Most of America didn’t know them, but then they went on the Ed Sullivan Show and the rest, as they say, is history. They began a major revolution not only in music and songwriting, but also in popular culture. The hands reaching upward on this card reminds me of them and how positive their music is. This image is a reminder that if we all start reaching upward more we will absorb ever increasing amounts of the special energies around us at this time and that they will open the door to many new and wonderful opportunities.

Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Archangel Michael on 11/11/11

NOTE:  This message from Michael was originally published in my Newsletter, "Magickal Musings."  If you do not recieve my Newsletter and would like to, simply email me at IsisRaAnpu@gmail.com (note this is a new address for me) & I'll be happy to send you a copy & place you on my mailing list.  The colored lines come from my Newsletter & Blogger is not allowing me to remove them.  Sorry about that.

Archangel Michael's Message for 11/11/11

Dear Ones ~

The time is now at hand & I am here to be sure that you are adequately prepared.  The day known to you as the date November 11, 2011 is the day the Galactic Gateway opens to allow for a much higher frequency of energy to reach the earth.  The Galactic Gateway opens each time humankind is given an opportunity to advance upon the path of spiritual evolution.

Allow me to stress that NOTHING SPECIAL NEEDS TO BE DONE.  You do NOT need to pay anyone to “help” you connect to these energies.  The Source/Creator/God makes these energies FREELY AVAILABLE TO ALL WHO SEEK WITH A SINCERE HEART.  Open yourself to being receptive to the energies by following the information in this publication.   Do this NOW as you are reading.

Once you have stated your willingness to receive, the energy will come to you at the proper time on your part of the planet on 11/11/11.  Have no fear.  You WILL receive it.

11/11/11 will be a day for healing for all the earth. I ask each of you to light a white or green candle & dedicate it to healing your planetary home.  This is a grand opportunity for each of you to help heal all the damage that humankind had done to your world.  Word the intention/prayer in your own way, your own words, & call upon the Source of ALL to surround & permeate the earth with healing energy & LOVE.  The earth will then receive the healing she so desperately requires.

Once done, feel free to light additional candles for your own personal intentions.  Then look to 12/21/12 when the grand transformation shall be complete & the earth & humanity will enter into a higher state of being.

In Universal Light & Consciousness,


Card of the Day for 11/11/11: The 9 of Water!

COTD: 9 of Water,
From “The Gaian Tarot,” by Joanna Powell Colbert

Well, would you look at this! You won’t believe me, I know, but I did choose this card completely at random without looking at the deck, I swear it! Here we are finally at the pivotal date in the earth’s history: 11/11/11 and what card comes to us for today? The 9 of Water, which in other tarot decks is the same as the 9 of Cup...s, otherwise known as The Wish Card!

I’m excited, aren’t you??? Today’s THE day and here we have the Wish Card to greet us for today. The 9 of Cups represents fulfillment, plenty, abundance, and yes, it can indicate over-indulgence at times (overeating or drinking too much are two examples). Look at the image on this card for a second. You see how the woman here is standing within a dark cave. She faces the cave's entrance and sees all the light streaming in. She opens her arms to receive this light. This is amazing because, according to Archangel Michael (you've seen his message for today here earlier this morning) this is exactly what you're supposed to do today. Open yourselves up to receive! The 9 of Cups usually indicates that there are super wonderful energies surrounding you now and that now is the time to focus on wish manifestation!

How to do this ~ a simple exercise for today and today ONLY as it is 11/11/11. This is something I’m doing myself in about an hour since I’m in CST zone & so 11:11 AM for me is just under 2 hours away.

Get pen & paper. Make a list of your fondest wishes. They can be big or small. The only requirement is that they be important to you. Write them down. They do not have to be in order of preference so you can list them as they occur to you.

When you’re done you can get a candle if you want or some incense, that’s up to you. You can do this either at 11:11 AM/PM your time or any time today, but no later than 11:11 PM your time.

Face east, the direction of the rising sun. In most ancient cultures the east is the direction from which blessings flow to us because that’s where the sun has always risen and the sun brings light and life to our planet.

Enter into prayer or focused thought. Direct your thought to your higher power, whomever or whatever that may be, or if you don’t have one, just address the universe, that’s fine. Anything today will work because the energies that are coming through are universal.

Read off your list and also, and this is IMPORTANT: do NOT use the word “want” for your wishes, as in, “I want a new car.” Look up “want” in the dictionary. It means, “to lack.” So, when you tell the universe/God/Whomever that you want something you are really saying, “I wish to lack this in my life.” Instead, use the words, “I wish for,” or, “I desire to…” For example, “I desire to travel to England for a wonderful 2-week trip with my husband & daughter sometime in the next 2 – 3 years.”

Be specific. The more specific you are with the wording of your wishes the more likely it is you will receive exactly what you ask for. List time frames, as in the example above. This way the universe knows that it has only up to 3 years to grant me my wish for that trip to England (one of my actual wishes, by the way).

Once you’ve read your list, re-read it, but this time preface EVERY wish with the phrase, “Universe/God thank you for granting me my wish of . For example, for me one would be, “Universe/God, than you for granting me my wish of traveling to England with my husband & daughter sometime in the next 2 – 3 years.” Do this for every wish on your list. Then you’re done.

If you’re using a candle for this, cleanse your candle of any unwanted energies it may have picked up in manufacturing, shipping, or sitting on the store shelf (unless you’ve made it yourself, then none of this is necessary) by rubbing from the middle out to both ends, including the wick. Imagine gray smoke leaving your candle. Your candle may get warm or it may tingle or even feel lighter in your hands than when you first picked it up.

Then, focusing on your name & date of birth, place your energy into the candle by rubbing from both ends toward the middle, don’t forget to include the wick. Do this 3 times, at least, or until your candle feels “right” to you. It may again get warmer or tingle or even feel heavier because you’re placing energy into it. Light the candle prior to reading your list and place your list under the candle (be SURE the candle is in a SAFE candle holder appropriate for the size and shape of the candle you’re using!), and allow the candle to burn itself out. When it goes out if there’s any wax remaining you can bury it somewhere on your property or if you rent and have plants, you can bury it in one of your plants.

Let’s all go out today and focus on making our fondest wishes come true!

Wishing you the greatest and most abundant of blessings today & always,

Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T.



In order to receive the energies coming through to the earth today, simply state your intention to be open & to receive in your own words. You do not have to pray to anyone specifically. If you feel more comfortable doing so, that's up to you, but makes no difference as this energy comes   directly from The Source and is therefore universal. Remember to note your clocks at 11:11 AM and 11:11 PM your own local time. In every time zone on all parts of your planet that is when the largest bursts of energy shall come forth. Many of you will feel absolutely nothing while others may be quite affected today (but in a good way, I assure you). Just remember, the most important thing is to be OPEN TO RECEIVE. The energy will come to you and unfold in its own good time, in YOUR own good time, and you will be able to embark upon your life's path knowing you are part of a better and brighter tomorrow.

With All Love, Healing, & Compassion to Earth and All of Her Inhabitants,


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

COTD: Child of Earth

The Child of Earth,
From “The Gaian Tarot,” by Joanna Powell Colbert

Children in the Gaian Tarot correspond to Pages.  They view the world with wonder and represent new things coming into being or into your awareness, messages, and learning.

The Child of Earth (in other decks Earth corresponds to Pentacles) is in the process of discovering the world around him so he views everything with the wonder of a child being exposed to new things for the first time.  The apple holds great fascination for him as he breathes in its scent and feels its solidness and weight in his hands.  The apple tree standing behind him represents a firm foundation, something that is lasting.  The tree was there before the Child of Earth was born and with any luck shall remain long after he has crossed over.  The tree is permanence and stability.  The rabbit is the familiar of the spring goddess, Ostara or Eostre, and his role is as conveyor of messages between this side of the veil and the other. 

The Child of Earth suggests that now is a good time to reevaluate your diet or the type of foods you eat.  Perhaps a move to more natural foods is called for at this time.  The Child of Earth also suggests you search for that child-like wonder within you.  A fresh perspective is being called forth.  It’s time to see the world through new eyes so you can appreciate all of the potential that surrounds you at any given moment.

If you'd like a reading, you can order one from me at http://www.magickal-musings.com

Also, I am notifying everyone I'm changing my email.  Please add my new address to your online contacts so mail from me doesn't end up in your spam folder:  IsisRaAnpu@gmail.com

Many Blessings,

~ Nefer

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Card of the Day for Nov. 8 ~ The Sun

From “The Gaian Tarot,” by Joanna Powell Colbert
Self-pubished, also mass published by Llewellyn, 2011.

I take one look at this card and I think, “HAPPY!”  A woman dances in a garden filled with sunflowers and other flowers of the yellow persuasion as a huge yellow sun shines behind her.  Her red dress symbolizes that she's full of active energy. 

The Sun is a card of the major arcana; and, as such, it embodies the universal spiritual energies of Happiness, Health, Success, and Attainment.  It’s one of the most positive cards of the entire tarot deck, no matter which deck you use.  I love The Sun because every time it comes up it’s telling me that no matter what may be going on, things are going to be brighter.  You just have to believe.

The Sun ushers in a great deal of energy today.  Today’s a great day to go out and get things done that you’ve been putting off.  If there are thing around the house that have been crying out for your attention, today is a great day to set some time aside to handle those matters. 

As we head ever closer to 11/11/11 I feel the cards will reflect this and we’re going to be seeing cards that have to do with new energies coming in, like The Sun, which heralds a time of success and happiness for us all.  Please be sure to open yourself up to the energies that will be coming to the earth on that day.  If you’re not sure how to do this, send me your email address & I’ll send you a copy of my latest newsletter.

I'm including the lyrics to one of my all-time favorite songs as it sum's up the energy of this card well & it's also set to my iPhone to wake me every morning as it immediately puts me in a postive frame of mind.  You can find the video at the end of today's blog entry ~

"(Reach Up For The) Sunrise" ~ Duran Duran

 "Now the time has come
 The music's between us
 Though the night seems young
 Is at an end
 Only change will bring
 You out of the darkness
 In this moment everything is born again"

"Reach up for the sunrise
 Put your hands into the big sky
 You can touch the sunrise
 Feel the new day enter your life"

"Reach up for the sunrise
 Put your hands into the big sky
 You can touch the sunrise
 Feel the new day enter your life"

"Now the fireball burns
 We go round together
 As the planet turns into the light
 Something more than dreams to
 Watch out for each other
 Coz we know what it means to be alive"

"Reach up for the sunrise
 Put your hands into the big sky
 You can touch the sunrise
 Feel the new day enter your life"
Let’s all go out and make it a GREAT day today!


Monday, November 7, 2011


COTD: The Seeker
From: The Gaian Tarot, by Joanna Powell Colbert

The Seeker is known as The Fool in most tarot decks. Here The Seeker stands on the crest of a hill overlooking a lush valley. Instead of the usual little white dog there is a fox with her that seems to be guiding her footsteps. The Seeker appears to be at the start of a marvelous journey that will take her to new places and exp...ose her to new experiences.

The energy for today is very helpful in that it is motivating us to get out there, get things done, because in a bit something wonderful is going to happen and we need to get the mundane out of the way so we can fully enjoy the changes that are about to occur. Of course, I’m talking about 11/11/11 and the new energy that shall be coming to the earth on that day opening the door to the spiritual transformation that will occur on 12/21/12. The Seeker embarks upon a brand new journey not knowing where she will go & having no way to anticipate what she will experience. This applies to all of us now. All who are open to receiving the energies of 11/11/11 shall be just like The Seeker embarking upon a journey to new vistas. Who knows where it will take us, but the imagery on this card promises that it shall be a journey rich in experience. Is your bag packed?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Connecting to Prosperity Angels

Let's face it.  Things are tough all over. Many more of us are now working our butts off only to just barely have ends meet. The world economy is apparently in quite a bit of trouble. Countries like Greece and Iceland have gone bankrupt. It's quite scary to watch the news (then again, the news has always upset/scared me).

I have found that the simpler a method is, the more effective and immediate the results.

I have discovered from a variety of sources a very easy method for inviting the Prosperity Angels into your life, and yes, they do exist. I can personally vouch for them as they've helped me many times.

copyright Noel Cornelia
Prosperity Angels are mentioned by Karen Paolino on her blog (http://karenpaolino.blogspot.com/2009/04/calling-on-prosperity-angels.html) in a post from 2009, and I believe that Doreen Virtue also discusses them in one or more of her books, but can't be 100% certain on that since I read her books, then give them away so I have nothing to reference here on that. If you google "prosperity angels" you can also find mention of them in many places on the internet.

When you are in need of money, the Prosperity Angels can help. Karen Paolino has  a prayer I'll include at the end of this article. What I shall share with you is my personal method for contacting the Prosperity Angels. What you do is to simply write them a letter.

I bought a $12 blank journal that has a picture of an angel on the front & back covers, plus a tiny angel on the lower right-hand corner of each lined page. When I have a specific need & I'm unsure as to how I'll be able to manage it, I write the Prosperity Angels a letter. A recent example from 2 months ago goes like this:

Dear Prosperity Angels ~

I'm having computer problems. The motherboard of my HP laptop keeps overheating & I fear that soon my entire computer will fry. I cannot run my business without a computer & it's important that I have my own & not have to share considering how many hours a day I often spend working. Please manifest for me the money I need to buy a brand new HP desktop, and if you can swing it, I'd love one of their new models - the kind that no longer requires a tower because everything's up in the monitor. I think that would be so cool. Oh, and I would also like a 21" monitor, if you please. I very much appreciate your help, Prosperity Angels. Thank you in advance for the money that allows me to buy the new computer.


Nefer Khepri.

copyright Cyra R. Cancel
Now, if you need a certain amount by a certain date (rent money, for example, or to pay the bills) please be sure to note the date in your letter so the Prosperity Angels know that they have a limited time to work on this for you.

This is a nice, easy method, and believe me, it WORKS. So why not write the Prosperity Angels today? Perhaps as comments to this blog entry you can all post how the Prosperity Angels have helped you.

Here is the prayer from Karen Paolino's site:

"Angels of Prosperity and Abundantia, please help me to bring peace, balance and an increased flow of abundance into all aspects of my life, especially my finances. Help me to be open so I may receive whatever I need and more. I am open and willing to receive unexpected miracles, help and ideas of inspiration so I may experience financial freedom. Thank you for your loving support." ~ Karen Paolino, 2009.

May the Blessings of the Prosperity Angels Be Yours ~

Nefer Khepri