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Friday, November 11, 2011

Archangel Michael on 11/11/11

NOTE:  This message from Michael was originally published in my Newsletter, "Magickal Musings."  If you do not recieve my Newsletter and would like to, simply email me at IsisRaAnpu@gmail.com (note this is a new address for me) & I'll be happy to send you a copy & place you on my mailing list.  The colored lines come from my Newsletter & Blogger is not allowing me to remove them.  Sorry about that.

Archangel Michael's Message for 11/11/11

Dear Ones ~

The time is now at hand & I am here to be sure that you are adequately prepared.  The day known to you as the date November 11, 2011 is the day the Galactic Gateway opens to allow for a much higher frequency of energy to reach the earth.  The Galactic Gateway opens each time humankind is given an opportunity to advance upon the path of spiritual evolution.

Allow me to stress that NOTHING SPECIAL NEEDS TO BE DONE.  You do NOT need to pay anyone to “help” you connect to these energies.  The Source/Creator/God makes these energies FREELY AVAILABLE TO ALL WHO SEEK WITH A SINCERE HEART.  Open yourself to being receptive to the energies by following the information in this publication.   Do this NOW as you are reading.

Once you have stated your willingness to receive, the energy will come to you at the proper time on your part of the planet on 11/11/11.  Have no fear.  You WILL receive it.

11/11/11 will be a day for healing for all the earth. I ask each of you to light a white or green candle & dedicate it to healing your planetary home.  This is a grand opportunity for each of you to help heal all the damage that humankind had done to your world.  Word the intention/prayer in your own way, your own words, & call upon the Source of ALL to surround & permeate the earth with healing energy & LOVE.  The earth will then receive the healing she so desperately requires.

Once done, feel free to light additional candles for your own personal intentions.  Then look to 12/21/12 when the grand transformation shall be complete & the earth & humanity will enter into a higher state of being.

In Universal Light & Consciousness,


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