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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Energy of the Day - 8 of Swords, April 20, 2011

ENERGY OF THE DAY (formerly COTD)  ~ 8 of Swords

From  The  Forest Folklore Tarot by Kessia Beverley-Smith. US Games.  2004.  First Edition.

Feeling trapped, restricted, confined.  Having one’s hands tied behind their back.  Losing all control over oneself or some aspect of the situation.  The inability to see the real reason behind a situation or to sense the true motivations of others.  Today is a “down time.”  It may turn out to be difficult to get anything accomplished today.  Remember to be patient (and to blame it on Mercury Rx!) & go with the flow – even if the flow isn’t moving in the direction you desire. 

From the book ~

“A man is trapped, bound, & blindfolded.   He is surrounded within a ring of swords.  An imp taunts the unfortunate figure.”

“You are totally entrapped, overwhelmed, and frustrated.  You must have patience in accepting the delays and obstructions that are binding you.”

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  1. This book seems to be very interesting such that it is showing the power of the man and that can be concluded as the men will surely feeling trapped restricted, confined. But may be his positive energy may works.

  2. That's right, Alex. The 8 of Swords is about overcoming difficulties and using the power of positive thought and also our intelligence to see our way through problems as they arise. Even though this man may feel trapped, there is always a way out. He just needs to figure out what it is.


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