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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Ties that Bind

We all have them – toxic relationships.  There’s a person who consistently drags our energy down in various ways and sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself:  was my life better or worse before this person became a part of it?  If the answer is “better,” then you may wish to seriously consider limiting or cutting off communication altogether.  However, even if you do cut them off, oftentimes energy remains that keeps the two of you tied together.  

Did you know that even after cutting off a person they can still drain you of your energy and infiltrate your thoughts?  This is because we all have cords of energy that extend from our chakras to other people, and vice versa.  These cords form when relationships form and are made even stronger if there is any type of emotional attachment (love or dislike). These cords are hollow, which allows for your energy and for the other person's energy to travel along the length of those cords.  This is why some people seem to infiltrate your thoughts or dreams for no apparent reason.  These cords are unhealthy because they give another person free access to your energy and they result in draining you of your own personal energy.  

There is a safe and healthy way to sever these cords if you are serious about moving on and leaving this stagnant and negative energy behind you.   Archangel Michael excels at cutting “etheric” or energy cords.  All you have to do is ask him to use his Sword of Truth to severe all energy cords between the two of you.   This method is quick and painless to all parties involved.  I have done it a number of times myself and I assure you that you, nor they, will feel a thing, but in the end you will feel lighter and happier.

The prayer should be worded something like this:

"Archangel Michael, I have an issue with projecting their energy onto me. I ask you to use your Sword of Truth to severe all etheric cords coming from them to me and to also sever all etheric cords extending from me to them. Please sever these cords in all Space and through all Time. Thank you, Archangel Michael.  AMEN."

The space & time reference is included just in case this is a karmic situation. Michael can also cut karmic cords, as well.

Then, it is done.  Believe it.  Know it.  The most difficult aspect of this entire process is walking away from it once you’ve spoken to Michael.  Just know that he will take care of it and then take those steps that will help you to move on and into a better and brighter future.  

Many Blessings,

Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T.

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